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Telescoping Duster Dusters

The telescoping dusterdusters are perfect for scaring away monsters and other prey. The microfiber duster is designed to scour off dirt and dust without ever getting dirty. The extension pole is mere inches from your hand and will never get in the way of your work. Finally, these scaring tools make sure your prey are gone as quickly as possible.

Free Shipping Telescoping Duster Dusters

This is a re-usable bendable telescoping duster that can be used to clean up your house. It has a 100 inch telescoping extension pole which can be used to clean up your house. The kit has a boom! Sound when it is in use and a dustbin which can hold up to 30 items.
thesheets. Dusters are perfect for microfiber cleaning techniques. The duster features a lightweight and easy to use extension pole, that can be made toscope the home scene. With its telescoping extended pole, this tool can be used to scope the home and carports in between. The duster can also be used for cleaning larger areas with quick and easy tooling.
telescoping duster dusters are a great way to keep your work area expansive and clean. The bendable material allows you to move the tool around to find debris and debris. This telescoping tool can be used to extend the reach of your work area up to 35. The material is made of durable synthetic materials that will long last your work area.